After the restoration of democracy in 1990, all the nationalities residing as indigenous people in Nepal started to create awareness for the preservation and promotion of typical language, culture and tradition as well as entire aspects of their community. In this respect, even Hyolmo indigenous people realized the need of an organization to consolidate the efforts of Hyolmo individual working for the upliftment and enhancement of Hyolmo indigenous people. Realizing the fact a voluntary organization called Nepal Hyolmo Social Service Association had been established on 16th May 1990 by the initiative of young and dedicated Hyolmo youths, with the objectives of consolidating the Hyolmo people under an organization, which could provide a forum for the preservation, promotion and enhancement of Hyolmo language, culture, tradition and the last but not least the identity of Hyolmo indigenous people. The organization was registered with the government of Nepal only in 1998 and started its activities according to constitution to create awareness among Hyolmo people through various social, cultural and educational activities.