Message from ex-president:

Since the inception of the activities by Nepal Hyolmo Social Service Association in 1990, some tangible impact and outcome has been felt within the Hyolmo indigenous community. It's quite overwhelming to recall the situation when the Association was first founded and initiated its awareness creating activities pertaining the need of the Association and its mission, vision and goal. I still sense the embarrassed and apprehensive mentality of Hyolmo people, while founding the Association. However, after founding of the Association the members of the

Mr. Binod Lama Hyolmo, the Former Chairperson NHSSA
Association struggled lot to enshrine the very existence of Hyolmo indigenous community in Nepal with their own distinct language, culture, tradition and other aspects.

I would say that the acquisition of membership from the Nepal Federation of Nationalities was a break-through for the Hyolmo indigenous people to set their historic entity and distinct identity first time in Nepal. Afterwards, Hyolmo community is recognized as one of the distinct indigenous community among 59 such indigenous people identified by the government of Nepal, which in reality is a matter of great pride and achievement for the Hyolmo indigenous people. In retrospect, for the last 14 years the Association witnessed many ups and downs and is now emerging as an enthusiastic, aware and motivated indigenous organization ready to face and accept new challenges and opportunities. However, the Association is under the desperate needs of enormous support, understanding and encouragement from Hyolmo individual, intellectuals and organizations working for the indigenous people within the country and around the world in order to nurture and evolve the Association enabling it to activate its activities for the preservation, promotion and enhancement of unique Hyolmo language, culture and tradition as well as their entire aspects.

As we all know that the preservation and promotion of language, culture and tradition and other aspects are not an easy task for us; although we felt that it's our responsibility to create and promote the feeling of Hyolmoness for which the entire members of the Association is engaging and striving in these activities with the firm conviction that in near future we would be able to achieve the desired goals preserving and enhancing the unique heritage of Hyolmo indigenous people not only for our sake, but also for our future generation too.  

At this juncture, I as the Ex-President of the Association would like to take this opportunity to make my sincere request to all the Hyolmo to realize the imperative needs of the association in order to uplift and enhance the unique indigenous heritage and entire aspects of Hyolmo indigenous people in all fronts uniting under the banner of Nepal Hyolmo Social Service Association.

Finally, I would like to request all the Hyolmo individuals to contribute taking membership of the Association and disseminating the information of Hyolmo Association and Hyolmo identity where it is possible.

May the goddess Aama Jhomo Yangri bless all the Hyolmo for their progress and prosperity.
Mr. Binod Lama Hyolmo
Ex-President (NHSSA)