Notice :

  This is notify to all the Hyolmo indigenous people that as decided by the Executive Committee of the NHSSA on August 6, 2005 each and every one of the community has to take the membership of one and only Hyolmo indigenous organization "Nepal Hyolmo Social Service Association" recognized by the Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN) as soon as possible. The association is not compelled to provide chances for training; recommendation for any opportunity that they receive being a Hyolmo Indigenous people until and unless is a member of the association.  
    On the other hand, if the members of the association require the recommendation Rs. 50.00 will be charged. But, if he or she is not the member of the association Rs. 300.00 will be charged for the recommendation and membership. However, children of same family may have the privilege to get recommendation on the submission of application of his/her father or mother on normal charge. Similarly members not completed six months periods of membership have to pay Rs. 100.00 for the recommendation.  
Nepal Hyolmo Social Service Association
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